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TV Series

Everyone in school thinks Jake, Hayley, and Felix are normal, but that’s not really the case. The truth: they’re part of a secret global society known as The Troop. Their mission: to keep the world’s monster population under control. Can these three high school kids keep the town safe — and keep everyone else from finding out?

Jake is a regular guy who happens to have amazing monster-hunting instincts. He’s also a little impulsive, and his ego can get him in trouble. Good thing Hayley and Felix are watching his back.

Hayley is a friendly, popular girl with a big secret — she’s so tough she fights monsters. With her brains, brawn, and beauty, Hayley’s the unofficial leader of The Troop. Around her, monsters don’t stand a chance.

Felix is an off-the-charts genius. An expert on mysterious creatures and paranormal activity, he’s fully prepared to take on any monster. Felix doesn’t fit in at school, so The Troop are his closest friends.

Mr. Stockley is The Troop’s adult advisor, a job he takes very seriously. He keeps Jake, Hayley, and Felix up to date on recent monster activity, and makes sure they have the latest monster-fighting technology.

Tune in each week for a new adventure!
(Check your local listings for day and time)

Go to www.troopgrid.com for Troop details on monsters, gadgets and take part in mission training!


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